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Haarnio Ltd has been founded in 1970 as family company and is since then a reliable and trusted partner especially for all kind of signage for construction sites and real estates.

As development goes unstoppable on, we do not just try to catch up, we are pioneers in new fields of guidance! For example with our smart signage DesignTag and our service software haarn.io. With both, we offer easy solutions which are pointing the way ahead into the future.

With individuality becoming more and more important, to stand out from others and being seen in the mass of information, we offer individual solutions tailored to your needs.

We are located in Nummela, around 45 km from Helsinki in the south of Finland. Our Production is scattered in two buildings, in which we operate to offer over 2600 products. With this still growing product range and the experience of almost 50 years, Haarnio Ltd can offer whatever it needs to fulfill the wishes of our customers.

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